In memory of

Cynthia Trusk, Age 44, of Helena

December 6, 1973 – April 21, 2018

TRUSK, Cynthia Ann , age 44, of Helena, passed in Helena, Montana on Saturday, April 21, 2018.

She is survived by her three children: Khyler Mercado, Trish Nicole, and Adrianna Fernandez, all of San Diego; her mother Jacintha Heriot; her step fathere, Steve Heriot; and her brother, John Orthman.

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  1. Ts Heriot says:

    Angelbickers I what now…I my lovely daughter Mom

  2. alex seay says:

    Sorry to have read about the passing of your loved one. Death is a terrible enemy of mankind. I know that at this very painful time there is very little I could say in order to comfort you. However, when you have a moment please reflect on this wonderful promise here at Job 14:14,15. In part it says, ” If a man dies, can he live again? You will call, and I will answer you.” What a wonderful promise! For more information please visit

  3. Jh Heriot says:

    Angelbickers you’ll never know how much I miss you both of what this has done to all of us Each day that passes by I look for you I love you so very much Love Mom


  4. I miss your half brown eyes I miss your laugh your touch seeing you coming up the stairs in the morning for coffee watching tv with my your hugs I miss you so very much Chewchew looks for you everyday this just doesn’t get any easier for me my Angelbickers.

  5. Jacintha Heriot says:

    Angelbickers I miss you we were together very day you have no idea how all this has affected me ….I want so much to hear you and laugh with you but I can’t anymore I do love you my only daughter I miss seeing your face in the morning and saying what a beauty…sharing our coffee in the morning on the deck I miss you and my Pumpkin so very much so very very much….. Mom

  6. Jacintha Heriot says:

    Angelbickers it’s been one year since Derek took his life tomorrow we were at his funeral together today i have neither one of you with me….none of this has been an easy thing for me it’s changed me forever ….there is such an emptiness inside me that will never go away i loved you both so very much….mom

  7. This whole month I feel as though I’m m hanging on by a thread..I hear over and over just live each it’s some piece of cake thing to do I want you both home with me I call your phone’s I don’t want to forget anything not even that some days I feel like shattered glass all askew I wish I could wake up and everything would be like it used to be only to realize that isn’t going to happening the end of my life time Your kids miss you ….and most days it’s just about unbearable to get through… johnner is so good he tries so hard to comfort me thru my tears I love and miss you both so unbelievably much. Love mom

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