In memory of

Rosella Feller, age 76, of Helena

September 26, 1941 – November 30, 2017

Rosella Feller was born September 26, 1940 in Hardin, MT, to Steve and Veronica Feller.  She grew up in the family home and moved to Helena in 1975.  She lived at Parkside Manor until moving into Spring Meadow Resources group homes in 1979, where she resided until her death on November 30, 2017.

She received training at WestMont work services, 1976-1979, and Helena Industries, 1979-2000, when she retired to the Day Program at Spring Meadow Resources.

Rosella had a great sense of humor and loved to laugh and make others laugh by joking with them.  She had a big smile and charmed her way into our hearts.

She loved everyone, especially men.  She was one of the biggest flirts ever, frequently telling men, “You sure do look good!”  or “You sure do smell good!”

Her appearance was important to her so she loved getting dressed up, especially in red, having her hair done with ribbons and bows, and wearing her jewelry, some that she made herself.

She enjoyed life!  She would play Trouble for hours, beating most anyone who would play with her!  She loved music, animals, going into the community, socializing with others, chocolate, and Jesus.  She often called her favorite staff her “angel” and loved them dearly.

Rosella loved babies of all ages.  She loved to hold them when staff would bring them by and made trips to the hospital just to look through the window at the newborns.  Her best friend was her baby doll, Baby Lou.  She took good care of her and gave her lots of love through the years.

Rosella loved Christmas year-round.  She often said she felt “like a big Christmas present” and dressed as one on Halloween a couple of years.  This year she is spending Christmas with Jesus!  We know you will feel like a big Christmas present celebrating His birthday with Him, Rosella.  Merry Christmas Rosella!  We miss you!


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  1. Tim Synness says:

    so loved her! such a sweet little lady

  2. Cindy Platts says:

    Rosie, it was an honor to know you. It was an honor to take care of you. You will be forever in my heart! So much love in such a tiny body. You called me your most beautiful angel, but Lil’ Missy, you were the angel.

  3. Trisha Crabtree says:

    Rosy it was a honor to get to work with you the little time I did work with you all ways knew how to make my days better you are truly missed I was so sad to hear you where gone

  4. Faithann Linkenbach says:

    Rosella Feller, you hold such a special place in my heart. You are one of the most kind people I have ever met. I loved your stories and I love you always. You are beautiful. I will always miss you and love you

  5. Rosella I’m going too miss your smile! And putting nail polish on you! 🙁 you in my thoughts hugs my angel!

  6. Adeline V. says:

    Sincere condolences to the Family and friends of Rosella Feller. What a beautiful person, she loved life, loved others, and had an appreciation for living. All that many of us take for granted. She has a wonderful blessing ahead of her by Our Heavenly Father. His word promises a restoration of the lives of those who have fallen asleep in death. He will bless her with a spiritual, and physical blessing. A quality of life that she will truly enjoy without the aid of others. John 5:28,29 and Acts 24:15
    I pray that these words bring you comfort and hope.
    Sincerely, Adeline V.

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