In memory of

Dorothy A. Wojton, age 77, of Helena

December 25, 1936 – June 21, 2014

Dorothy A Wojton passed away at the age of 77, on June 21, 2014 in Great Falls at Benefis Hospital. She was born to Joseph Roy Zeeb and Grace Ruth Portzen on December 25, 1936 in Iron Mountain, Michigan. Dorothy graduated from Norway High School in 1955.
Dorothy was married to Joseph M. Wojton on January 16, 1971 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Her occupation was an insurance representative at Evan’s, Hauseman and Richard, Inc. in Pottstown, Pennsylvania from 1970-2003. Her favorite hobbies and activities were her spending time with her grandchildren.
Dorothy is survived by her son Joseph S. Wojton; brother David Zeeb; sisters Arlene Oman, Alice Webber, Janet Weinfurter, and Janice Goffard; grandchildren Jessica Wojton, Joseph Wojton, Logan Johnson, Lucas Johnson, and Aili Wojton.
Dorothy is preceded in death by her father Joseph Roy Zeeb; mother Grace Ruth Portzen; husband Joseph M. Wojton; and brothers William Zeeb, Joseph Zeeb, and Darrell Zeeb.
A funeral Mass will be held at 12:00 p.m., Thursday, July 24, 2014 at the Cathedral of St. Helena, 530 N. Ewing St., Helena with a small reception at the family home immediately following the funeral Mass. Interment will take place at a later date at the Montana State Veterans Cemetery. Please visit below to offer her family a condolence or to share a memory of Dorothy.


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  1. Glenn Boles says

    Dorthy was always pleasant and respectful to me even tho i am an outsider. What i do know is that she must of been one “heck” of a lady. I have witnessed “true love” and it made my heart warm to see “family” that truely loved. My hat is off to the “matriach” of the family,the caring she showed to the end is exemplory to the kind of woman she is. Her six kids has shown so much love and pain these last few days truely reflects how much she loved and cared for them. I say kids even tho 5 are grandchildren because she was mom and they were her kids. Be happy for her she is with the loves of her life both God and Joe … Prayers for her kids their lives will never be the same,she was all of their “ROCK”. Have faith and keep on loving. My prayers to all God Bless

  2. Joseph S Wojton says

    I do not even know the words to describe my Mom. Words like kind, loving, full of life do not even begin to do her justice. Growing up she was always there for me and when times got tough she always looked on the bright side. Her dedication to family is the reason why we are a very close, loving and tight knit group. She leaves behind 5 grandchildren who loved and adored her and whom she loved without reservation. Just like with me she was always there for them no matter the day or time if one of them needed her she always put aside her own interests for them. She lived long enough to see her oldest two grandchildren graduate from High School her oldest grandson just two short weeks ago and she got to see her youngest grandson graduate from kindergarten the same week. At 77 she was still chasing a 3 year old around the house playing with her taking her out to swing and almost daily walking with her to the mail box. Mom was taken from us without warning and was the picture of perfect health up till the end. Her loss will be felt for many years to come and that is a testament to the wonderful person she was. Her last words to me were “I Love You” well right back at you mom I LOVE YOU and always will.

  3. Trish Webber Bovee says

    I remember growing up Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Joe, and little Joe stopping in for a visit on their way from PA, to see Grandma and Grandpa in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. Over the past couple days I can still hear her and my Mom laughing together. Aunt Dot will truly be missed by the many people who loved her. Once again my sympathy to you Joe, your five children, and her brother and four sisters.

  4. Monica Minninger says

    Aunt Dottie was a beautiful and special lady. The picture here of her is exactly how I remember her. She was a ray of light into our family and taught all of us about beauty and grace. God bless you, love to you Aunt Dottie

  5. Aaron Littlefield says

    Dorothy was very kind and sweet to me every time I was over hanging out with Joey. She was like a 3rd Grandma to me and I will always remember her as the kind sweet loving woman she was. It saddens my heart to know that the world has lost a very loving and sweet woman. It seems like just yesterday was the first time that I met her. She was always nice to me, even when she didn’t know me. My condolences are with you and your family Joe.

  6. Jennifer King says

    Dorothy was an amazing lady. She was an amazing example of love and kindness. She was great with her grandchildren and you could see the love in her example of life. I enjoyed our brief conversations. I saw the respect that her son had for her. She will be greatly missed. I pray that her family is able to have peace and hold her love with them always. She was the example of giving and being there, no matter what or when. I know she is happy to be with her husband, the stories she shared you could see the love she held for him. I will be praying for you.

  7. Jane Webber says

    It has been years since I have seen Aunt Dorothy but when I would talk to her on the phone there was no strangeness… it was as we just saw each other. My best memories of her are that she was always well dressed and her hair was always done. She always looked so pulled together and she seemed to have such a lyrical voice. She seemed different after she married Joe and had her darling boy Joe…. she finally seemed settled and more content and not so nervous…and then the grand kids came along …Life was good to her and she was good to it… she will be missed by many but never forgotten.

  8. MARY OMAN says

    Dear “Joe Joe” and entire Woijton Family,
    I was so sad to hear about Auntie Dorothy. She was a kind and lovely person. She is smiling down on you now even though it is a sad time for all of you. She is in Heaven where she has earned her spot as a Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Wife and Friend. She was good to everyone and had such a kindness about her. My mom looked forward to their “weekly sister chats” and is so thankful that she was able to visit with her last summer and to get to know the rest of you better.

    Please know that everyone here is saddened by your loss and extends their sympathies.

    I love your photo album! You truly captured Auntie Dorothy as I remember her too. And WOW!! She sure looks like Grandma Grace in a few of the photos.

    Be well and may your warm memories of her be of comfort to you at this sad time.
    Your Cousin Mary Oman
    In Michigan’s Beautiful Upper Peninsula

  9. Joanna Dove says

    I only met Dot about a year ago when I moved into her family’s neighborhood; she was welcoming and helpful. She told me her granddaughter kept her young and she was always gracious and kind as we chatted. I think those traits will light up her new path as they did for those of us who were lucky enough to have known her.

  10. Gordy Oman says

    Very sorry for your loss, I hope you may find comfort in knowing that she in now with all who have passed before her, and that one day you will be together again.


    Dorothy was a kind and loving person, her personality was very much like our dad. She would welcome anyone into her home even if she didn’t really care for them. It would take a long time for them to find out she didn’t care for them if ever.

    In our many conversations she would say “it isn’t like the 50’s anymore” regarding how things are now.

    Dot was the champion of 4 Leaf Clover hunting! I could search and search and she would walk along and quickly find one. She used to press them, maybe you will find them somewhere in her things.

    As children we shared a bed and would sing at night. We were certain we sang the best, wailing out “You Can’t Be True Dear” and then we would start laughing. I bet you are laughing now Dot aren’t you. We would sometimes get into trouble with our parents because we couldn’t stop our giggles.

    I’ll miss our Saturday night talks and watching “Molly B Polka Party” at the same time together so many miles apart.

    I can still say “Good Morning Dot” to our morning star that we could both see from our kitchen windows. Do you Hear me Dot!? I will love you always, Arlene

  12. Dorothy is an amazing woman. Her body is no longer with us but her astounding kindness, generosity and loving memories will forever be etched upon our hearts. I always loved talking with her and hearing the stories she’d tell. I will miss her deeply but never forget all the love she showed and her ability to make a house a home.

  13. Tamara Topoll says

    I just found out this past week when my mom told me. I am saddened and shocked.

  14. Tamara Topoll says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and the children, Joe. I am so sorry this happened to you.

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