In memory of

Peter J. Berry, age 88, of Helena

August 27, 1930 – March 7, 2019

BERRY, Peter J., age 88, of Helena, passed away Thursday, March 7, 2019. A Funeral Mass with communion will be held at 11:00 a.m., Tuesday, March 19th, at St. Peter’s Episcopal Cathedral, 511 N. Park Ave. A light reception following the service in the social hall of the church. In lieu of flowers donations can be made, in Peter’s name, to St. Peter’s Episcopal Cathedral, 511 N. Park Ave. Helena, MT 59601. Please visit below to offer a condolence to the family or to share a memory of Peter.


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  1. Mike Griffith says

    Here’s a toast to you, Peter! It was an honor to know and to be known by you! Ciao

  2. Chris Sinrud says

    Peter, words can not describe this gentleman and lover of Christ! Rest in Peace my friend.

  3. Tom Kotynski says

    A lovely, cosmopolitan and memorable man.

  4. Brett Wall says

    A “lovely” gentleman! I’ve been a friend for years and shared many a meal with Peter! Bless our many happy memories of this fine Christian man. Peace to his nephew and family at this time. Until we meet again. The Wall family.

  5. Mary Kay Bennett says

    To the family of Peter:
    We had many memorable dinners with Peter, both in our home & at the Jade Garden. A most gracious and inspiring man..we heard many stories of his years with World Vision. And, his time as a model..he was a very good looking man. Will miss him.
    George & Mary Kay

  6. Carlyce Johnson Skjervem says

    I have good memories of this wonderful person. I knew him years ago when he first lived in Helena. He was a friend of my father’s, and a class act. RIP Peter Berry.

  7. Patrick Judge says

    I believe “Chief of Protocol” was his first position in Montana – a post perfectly befitting this charming and gentle man. Thank you Peter for being such a loyal and true friend, and for the people you brought into my life!

  8. Drew Gordon says

    Peter was one of the greatest friends of my life. I met him first when I was three years old. I remember driving to the Flicker’s coffee group in my grandpa’s car and arriving to meet them. When we entered, one of the first people who caught my eye was him. Looking up at him, I knew from that moment on, we would be best friends. Every time we came to the coffee group, he and I talked, and also had awesome conversations. It was sad when he left the Flickers, and it was sad for everyone but we still visited him at Touchmark. We had great times together still. We still had sit-down lunches together and occasionally he even bought dessert for me and my brother sometimes. Sometimes we talked about what it was like in the 20th century and how he was a radio operator. Overall, Peter Berry was like a third grandfather to me. This wonderful person was a big part of my life, and although we’re all sad to see him go, he’s still always in our hearts and he’ll always be with us forever.

  9. Evan Gordon says

    Peter made me feel great evrey day I got to my grandpas car. The first thing we would ask is could we go to Touchmark to see Peter. Then one day we went to Cooney home and had lunch with him. And he gave us candy’s. Peter always was my favorite person to talk to at cafegoop. I would always have a fun time with him. Now I will tell you his job he was he was a module a radio operator. He was a good friend. Love, Evan.

  10. Andy Gordon says

    Peter lived an amazing life and I can’t express my gratitude at the love, warmth, and caring he showed my two boys, his “best friends.” Our family is incredibly lucky having had the opportunity to share the company of such a tremendous man. In grace, Godspeed, my friend.

  11. Beth Gordon says

    Thank you for always showing our boys such love and acceptance. They truly adored being with their “best friend” and will miss you dearly. You have given them wonderful memories and as a mother I am grateful for the role you played in their lives. Much love to you Peter!

  12. Harlan Shropshire says

    I regret not getting out to Touchmark to visit Peter one last time but am glad to have memories of many dinners with him.

  13. Jake Donaldson says

    Peter, I will miss our shared meals together. Thank you for your humor, hospitality, and generosity. I will miss you.

  14. Sidney Armstrong says

    Peter was a wonderful friend, a brilliant and talented man, of wit and humor , of faith and warm hospitality. I first knew him in the early 70s when he came from New York City to head up Tom Judge’s advertising agency, which the Governor had put in a blind trust. He volunteered to be Chief of Protocol, as what he called a “dollar a year man,” a term which comes I think from business execs who volunteered during WW II for the Roosevelt Administration. Many good memories of dinner in later years when he returned to Helena, with him, Sue Bennett, Annabelle Richards, Larry Pettit and others…often at his very favorite Jade Garden or Montana City Grill, and in our various homes. We saw him at Touchmark and at the Cooney more recently and it was clear his time with us would not be long.
    RIP dear Peter.

  15. Lawrence Pettit says

    Peter was convivial man of great wit. Even in his declining years, he would always find precisely the right words to put together witticisms to enliven any conversation. In addition, he was kind, generous and inclusive. And he absolutely loved Helena and Montana. Every time we would drive to dinner he would exclaim, “I love this place.” He was steadfast in his Episcopal faith, and always the proper British gentleman. I will miss him.

  16. Joslyn, Eric and family says

    Peter was a great host. We shared many pre-dinner drinks of sherry and cups of spicy sour soup over the years. We have wonderful memories of our dinners together. Thank you for welcoming us into your group of friends when we were new to Helena. We will make sure the kids know about your generosity.

  17. Mary Hibbard says

    I feel so blessed to have known Peter. My first interaction with him was 17 years ago when I worked at the Windbag. He would come in often and I would always volunteer to take Peter’s table. He was so predictable with his cup of vegetarian soup, ice tea with Splenda, a whole wheat roll and Moose Tracks ice cream for dessert. He loved sitting at the table just down the stairs and to the right so he could see who was coming and going and be able to stop me on my way to the kitchen.
    Fast forward a few years when I met my husband. My marriage came along with monthly invites to dinner with Peter. My husbands family has been friends of Peter’s for decades. He spoke so fondly of Margaret Hibbard. Our dinner dates would always kick off with Bristol Cream and Gin and Tonics at his apartment and then move to his restaurant of choice. The Jade Garden, Montana City Grill and The Brewhouse were among his favorites. We even had him over to our house once and made from scratch French Onion soup, which he loved.
    Peter, above all, treated each of his friends as if they were family. My kids adored Peter and always looked forward to our time together. We have a wonderful family photo with Peter this last Easter when we took him to the Country Club for brunch. He so enjoyed watching the kids run around and collect their Easter eggs.
    We will miss you Peter. We will miss your stories. We will miss your stubbornness. We will miss your properness. We will miss your inquiries into our lives. We will miss your kind nature. Thank you for loving our family. We will always love you.
    Mary, Tyrrell, Genevieve and Hazel Hibbard

  18. Patty Dean says

    I loved hearing Peter read the lessons @ St Peter’s in the 1970s. He’d leave his seat next to his great friend, Margaret Hibbard, stride up to the lectern in his impeccably tailored suit, & read the lesson with perfect elocution. He was a singular personality & shall be missed!

  19. Paul and Becky Donaldson says

    After 20 years of friendship we will surely miss you Peter, your quick wit, humor, stories, fine conversation, Harvey’s Bristol Creme, Parrot Confectionary mixed nuts and dinner’s out at the Jade Garden and Montana City Grill. May you rest in glorious peace.

  20. Lura Brown says

    My friend, You will be missed.

  21. Peggy and Earl says

    Peggy and Earl say,
    We will miss you and our holidays together. You introduced us to many interesting Montana people over the years. And thanks to Rob and his family for the care they took for Peter.

  22. Iloilo Jones-Buchanan says

    Peter and I often talked of his stint in the DMZ during the creation off Israel. Over dinners at the Gold Club, Jade, Montana City Grill, and earlier at the bagel company and farther afield, with trips to Three Forks in my MGB with the top down, reliving his earlier days in Helena, when he had his own MG. What a rich life, filled with marvelous stories, delivered by a kindly Spirit who understood human nature and knew himself almost as well. Condolences to his nephew and family, whom I know will carry on Peter’s traditions of graciousness and goodness here in Montana. We have all been blessed by his presence in our midst. Thank you, Great Headmaster, for sharing Peter with us and touching our hearts with his goodness.

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